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My family and I recently took a cruise to Mazatlán, Mexico. We weren’t sure what to expect during our time in Mazatlan. We were looking for a fun, family vacation excursion in Mazatlán but didn’t want to do a “commercialized excursion.” I found Blue Foot Tours and Expeditions and decided to give them a try. After consulting with Daniel, the family and I decided on the City Bike Tour.
The communication with Daniel prior to arriving in Mazatlán was amazing. Daniel responded to my emails promptly and assured me we were going to have a great family fun excursion day in Mazatlán.
As soon as the family and I got of the cruise ship, Daniel was outside waiting for us. Daniel had his classic VW bus waiting for us! My youngest son had never been in a VW bus and loved it. Right from the beginning, I could tell this was going to be a great day and so glad I choose Blue Foot Tours and Expeditions. Daniel was so energetic and polite. 

We went back to Daniel’s store and got ready for the day. The store clearly displayed Daniel’s love for the environment and local products. Daniel took his time in fitting all of us for our bikes and made sure they were safe.
We all got our bikes and took off for a fun 3 hour bike ride. Don’t let the 3 hour bike ride scare you away. This was a very easy ride with a lot of resting. The second we jumped on our bikes Daniel started telling us about Mazatlán and its history. You could clearly see that Daniel not only cared about his clients, but also his local land.
The first part of the bike ride was along the water. Daniel stopped frequently to point out interesting facts about Mazatlán. We saw cliff divers, the local fish market, and the “bird man”. My youngest son had a blast with the “bird man” feeding the local birds with fresh fish. Talk about knowing everything, Daniel knew everything about this part of the land!

The second part of the bike ride was through the “city” part of Mazatlán. Daniel showed us many special places including the local restaurants and the Plazuela Machado. Perhaps the two best parts of the tour was when Daniel took us to the Basilica of the Inmaculada Concepción cathedral and the local indoor market. The cathedral was extremely beautiful and my family was taken back by the feeling we had inside. Inside the market, Daniel was the master! He knew exactly where to take us, who we should talk to, and where we should get some good food samplings. 
The new glass-floor walkway extending out from the Mazatlan Lighthouse; Faro de Mazatlan

I can’t say enough how much my family and I enjoyed our time with Daniel. He made us feel very safe and taught us a lot about the local Mazatlán tradition. What I thought was going to be our least favorite day of the cruise ports ended up being the best! This was all because of Daniel! I highly recommend you spend a day with Daniel and Blue Foot Tours and Expeditions.

More Information
Information about Mazatlan can be found at http://www.mexonline.com/cityguide-mazatlan.htm
Adventure courtesy of Blue Foot Tours & Expeditions
Editor's Note: Contributor Jeff Raybould and family travel throughout Mexico a couple times a year. His stories and accounts of family adventures in the country appear periodically in our blogs and websites.



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