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A Quick Visit to Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico - I'll Be Back!

Nearly a decade ago I was told of a place with perfect weather and a community that was said to be the largest accumulation of American expats in the world.  For many years since I have been flying in and out of Guadalajara confined by a time schedule that never allowed me to take the short trip south to visit this destination.  But last week’s trip was different and after saying goodbye to my group at the Guadalajara International Airport I drove thirty minutes south and ended up on the north shore of Mexico’s largest lake, Chapala.

The surface area of Lake Chapala is nearly three times greater than Lake Tahoe and the towns on the shores surrounding the lake are filled with fascinating history.  There are towns known for manufacturing Huarache sandals.  Towns known for  berry farming and even an island that was one of the last strong holds defending against the Spanish invasion in the early 1800’s.  Isla del Presido was originally called Isla Mezcala and became a prison many years lat…