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Birding Magic in San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca

By Suzanne Staples
While spending time in Oaxaca city in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, we decided to explore the mountainous areas surrounding the city.  Oaxaca rests in a valley between three mountain ranges.  The Majestic Sierra Madre del Sur rises to the south, climbing to about nine thousand feet. At the top, a dense pine-oak forest is interspersed with tree ferns, brilliant orchids and meters-long climbing vines. Tiny red salvia flowers and orange paintbrush generously dot the road that is carved from the steep mountain.  Many of the simple homes along the road at the higher elevations have plant nurseries.  Colorful pots of flowers line up in neat rows against the steep hill.  Pink and red begonias flourish here, as do rich blue Nile lillies and white calla lillies.  The people carry baskets of these blooms into Oaxaca city to sell in the many markets.

The small hamlet of San Jose del Pacifico perches along the highway near the summit of the mountain range.  The land dro…

Restaurant Review: Entre Tierras in Puebla

Our blogs usually consist of stories and information about Mexico, but as we travel around the country we think it's important to begin to point out the great hotels, restaurants, tours, etc. that we have experienced.

And a great place to start is a wonderful restaurant in Puebla; Entre Tierras.

Puebla, as many of you know, is possibly the heart of colonial Mexico cuisine. There are numerous choices throughout the city from excellent taco stands to fine dining and of course Mole Poblano. However on this trip I decided to try a fine dining establishment just outside the colonial center.

Entre Tierras is located across the street from Hotel SeƱorial and about a 4-5 block walk from the Zocalo in Puebla's historic center. I had actually read about the restaurant in a magazine on my flight from Los Angeles to Puebla.

As mentioned above Puebla is famous for it's cuisine and there are many famous dishes and restaurants to try. Institutions such as El Mural de los Poblanos and F…