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24 Hours in Baja California's Capital: Mexicali

Mexicali? Baja's capital? Wrong it's Tijuana or is it maybe Ensenada, but not Mexicali. And where is Mexicali anyway? The desert right? Along the border?

Those are questions I have heard many times. People have heard of Mexicali, but not much else. They have always thought of it as some small border town on the international boundary in the hot, lifeless desert. Or a place to drive through quickly on the way to San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez.

Wellsmall it's not, border town in the desert it is. But I was to find out it is MUCH more....... in 24 hours!

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Unique, Family Fun Tours in Mazatlan with Blue Foot Tours & Expeditions

My family and I recently took a cruise to Mazatlán, Mexico. We weren’t sure what to expect during our time in Mazatlan. We were looking for a fun, family vacation excursion in Mazatlán but didn’t want to do a “commercialized excursion.” I found Blue Foot Tours and Expeditions and decided to give them a try. After consulting with Daniel, the family and I decided on the City Bike Tour. The communication with Daniel prior to arriving in Mazatlán was amazing. Daniel responded to my emails promptly and assured me we were going to have a great family fun excursion day in Mazatlán. As soon as the family and I got of the cruise ship, Daniel was outside waiting for us. Daniel had his classic VW bus waiting for us! My youngest son had never been in a VW bus and loved it. Right from the beginning, I could tell this was going to be a great day and so glad I choose Blue Foot Tours and Expeditions. Daniel was so energetic and polite. 

We went back to Daniel’s store and got ready for the day. …