Adventures of a Family Vacation in Cancun

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My wife and I have been to Cancun once before and did zip lining during that trip. When we decided to take the kids with us on this trip, zip lining was at the top of the list to do. I reached out to Martha from and booked our Selvatica excursion through her. Before I talk about Selvatica, I need to let you all know about my experience with Martha. Martha was extremely helpful and polite throughout my experience with her. She kept in constant contact with me via email and even called my hotel room when I didn’t respond to an email fast enough! She truly wanted to make this Cancun excursion the best it could be for my family and I!


I had done some shopping online and knew the prices of the zip lining at Selvatica. The prices were the same as the but I’m so glad that I used Martha. It made the experience a lot more personable for me. Martha recommended that we do the Gimme All experience at Selvatica. The Gimme All experience consists of 10 ziplines, swimming in the cenotes, bungee jumping off a tree, skywalk bridges, and either ATV or RAZR offroading! I’m going to spoil this Selvatica review by saying how awesome this family fun Cancun excursion was!


The zip lines at Selvatica are superior to any others that we had done in Cancun. The grounds are more beautiful and the zip lines are more thrilling! My wife and I thought the best ride at Selvatica was the Superman ride. You lay flat on your stomach and zipline for about ¾ of a mile over the jungle. My two sons thought the Tarzania ride was the best. The Tarzania is very similar to a roller coaster. You sit down in a harness and zipline for about 2 minutes on a roller coaster track system.

Driving the RAZR’s were a blast. Our 17 year old son drove with mom and I drove the other with our 11 year old son. This is no slow-motion ride! You truly go off-roading and drive at about 35 miles per hour. It was an absolute blast! I highly recommend the RAZR’s over the ATV’s. From what I could see the ATV riders had fun but it was a little more slow.

Through out the entire day, the staff at Selvatica was very friendly and helpful. They truly took the time to get to know each person on the excursion. They have two “paparazzis” that follow you the entire day and take photos and video of you. At the end of the day you have the option to buy the pictures. DO IT! We took our camera and were able to get some good pictures but it took away from the fun of the zip lines. The “paparazzis” literally stop in the middle of the zip line and take your picture as you zoom past them. The pictures are high quality and worth every penny.

Overall, I highly recommend Selvatica for zip lining. This is by far the best zip lining park in Cancun and you will have a blast!
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Editor's Note: Contributor Jeff Raybould and family travel throughout Mexico a couple times a year. His stories and accounts of family adventures in the country appear periodically in our blogs and websites.


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